“Sonja has the ability to activate the presence of the Divine Mother and expand the opening of the Heart and Inner Child while cultivating ones spiritual foundations to awaken the Divine within.” Nina Wright

“Sonja shared with me things that no one knows. She spoke with intelligence and extreme focus on challenges to look at and overcome in my near future. Guiding me through different exercises and diet I noticed a more expansive state of wholeness within in days. Thank you Sonja for coming into my Life.” Julian Michael, Hypo-therapist

“Sonja is a beautiful Being to be with. Being in her presence is Healing, insightful and she creates loving and safe space. I found her to be extremely accurate and she helped me to look deeper and guide through current issues.” Fred Spanjaard, Producer/Director

“I have been experiencing neck pain for the last twenty years from various accidents and injuries. After one session with Sonya, I felt an immediate shift in my energy... The next morning the everyday pain I would awaken with was gone. I felt lighter in my joints, more aligned and relieved of pain. Mahalo Nui Loa Sonya.” Pamela Carmo

“I attended Sonja's Montana Retreat in June 2007. I was fulfilled and happy with the weekend Retreat and benefited greatly from the Yoga asanas, Medicinal Meditation, and Chakra balancing . . . and more. The one-on-one sessions, however, were the most transformative and powerfully healing for me. My life was at a turning point, and I was in need of guidance and clarity on most levels of my life. Sonja was able to provide me with the Tools and information I needed to go on and have a more integrated balanced life. I Feel my Life has changed and I have grown in new ways, and am more liberated in areas that were weighing me down. I am grateful to Sonja for her guidance and assistance.” Kina Meridinian

"I was diagnosed with a 6cm cancerous tumor in my kidney in December of 2007. Sonja Kalckar did some sound harmonics over the phone holding the reciever to the kidney area. A week later when I went for a CT scan the tumor appeared to have shrunk to 5 cm, indicating the work had been effective.

Before I knew where the tumor was located in the kidney, Sonja intuited an accurate diagnosis that was proven out by the CT scan in terms of location and the progress of the tumor, which she had said would be contained, as it was.
Sonya also worked with me doing breath work, visualization and meditation before the operation which helped a great deal with my mental state and ensuring that the surgergy went very smoothly.

I believe that Sonya's work was very important in my rapid recovery and in the positive outcome. I was cured 100% because the tumor turned out to be the kind that does not return. Sonja has proven to be an accurate medical intuitive and her sound therapy appears to have had an impact on the size of the tumor and perhaps even on its invasiveness. Perhaps if I had not had the surgery and continued the sound treatment, the tumer would have shrunk completely." Beverly Farrand, Fairfax, VA

"It has been my great pleasure to welcome Sonja Kalckar to live with us for a week and to thereby receive considerable personal instruction and healing from her, in areas of exercises of breath, subtle movement, sound and body work. Sonja is a powerful and insightful intuitive. Her diagnostic abilities are penetrating and accurate. What astounded me most is that very subtle and easy breathing and movement exercises, and sound harmonics, could have such profound effect on my mind, and body. My experience is that these are transformational processes, which have allowed me to break thought to experience greater balance in my life."
Stephen Levine PhD. Founder and CEO of Allergy Research Group